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Update day: 21-08-2023

Location: Sarawak Bintulu

Category: Other

Industry: Others

Job type: Full Time

Salary: 3000 MYR / month

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Are you interested in what a manager does at work? This is a sample job description for a manager. It describes the basic job duties and responsibilities of an employee who is functioning in a management role. The core responsibilities and duties of a manager are similar from organization to organization but differences exist as well.
You will need to customize this manager job description based on the goals and the responsibilities of their function in your organization. Some managers will lead a group of people in a traditional management role.
Others will lead a functional unit of your business. For example, the manager of your global outreach may have no direct reporting staff people but rather contacts in each country you are targeting for your business. In a second example, you may have a recruiting manager who has no direct reports but who must coordinate among hiring managers and other staff to hire employees. The job title, manager, is used for either job function.
See, use, and customize this sample manager job description for your organization. This basic job description covers the most basic job duties of a manager
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Address: Sarawak

Deadline: 05-10-2023

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