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Role Proficiency

Job Description

Conducts root cause analysis and bug advocacy in Semiconductor Products; tracking activities to closure with very minimal supervision

  • Conducts validation and root cause analysis
  • Perform escape analysis
  • Isolate/ packetize the failures to correct components
  • Attend customer meeting and communicate effectively on the requirements and results.
  • Locate the product failures and report it in test repository and bug tracker
  • Learn technology business domain system domain individually and as recommended by the project/account
  • Complete the certifications for the role (like ISTQB UST GAMMA certifications)
  • Execute test cases across the functionalities
Measures Of Outcomes
  • Number of showstoppers and critical bugs found
  • Adherence to schedule / timelines
  • Number of defects post delivery
  • Number of non-compliance issues
  • Reduction of reoccurrence of known defects by SLA
  • SLA in turnaround of production bugs
  • Defined productivity standards for project
  • Completion of all mandatory training requirements
Manage Project

Outputs Expected:
  • Perform task deliverables with quality and targeting completion timeframe.
  • Estimate time effort and resource dependence for one’s own work and for others’ work.
  • Create documentation for own work
  • Create test reporting templates BKMs and knowledge sharing documents for team
Status Reporting
  • Report status of tasks assigned
  • Compliance with validation standards and process
  • Host classroom training sessions for the junior validation engineers
  • Set FAST goals and provide feedback to FAST goals of mentees
Skill Examples
  • Should possess good bug advocacy skills
  • Should have good report consolidation and presentation skills as well as diplomacy
  • Should have automation scripting skills
  • Should be able to do severity and priority identification of sightings raised
  • Working with Windows OS flavours and installation
  • Working with BIOS drivers and various display protocols
  • Ability to estimate effort time required for own work and for the junior engineers
  • Ability to perform and evaluate test in the customer or target environment
  • Work in a team environment
  • Good written and verbal communication abilities
  • Possess good analytical skills
Knowledge Examples

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