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1) Lead the consulting project:
  • Act as the owner of business consulting project in cross-product domains of corporate/BG (Business Group) level; lead customers’ adoption of business suggestions, develop and promote Huawei Business and Network solutions and products, result work should be used by customer as a basis for investment and purchase of Huawei equipment or services, thereby creating a “Win-Win” situation in B2C. B2H and B2B domains.
  • Independently manage large-sized project’s team and lead the delivery of business consulting projects in the whole domain. Achieve the twin goals of driving revenues for telecom operators while helping Huawei achieve its own targets
2) Align with BUs for the business to network alignment, lead to understand the customer business needs
  • As key responsible person, gain customer’ recognition in consulting projects, top summits or workshops through contributing business and technical knowledge and sharing industry best global cases. Explore new business opportunities, design new innovative business models and receive customer’s acceptance for consulting suggestions in main projects.
3) Design the value of the solution to customers
  • Take charge of the value planning, management of Huawei solution to customers, include but not limited to: Huawei consulting service, Huawei planning & design services, digital platform such as CWR and so on, wireless solution.
4) Output the Business Insight:
  • Act as the owner of business insight for specific operator account team. Output the insight of operator development both on business and network side. Need align the business and network together to identify the business problem of operator and find the suitable solution.
  • Industry trend: See through the appearance to perceive the essence, accurately forecast the industry trend, creatively think about business models, deeply understand business essence, affect strategy adoption by the company and carriers, and be responsible for major consulting projects in the corresponding domain and the development of the consulting team.
  • Operator’ strategies: Accurately forecast the industry trend and affect strategy adoption by carriers. Have an influence on high-level personnel of carriers at the strategic level, explore strategic-level project opportunities, and drive resource investment by the company.
  • Business operations: Perceive the essence of business and business operations. Deeply understand business forms, business models, operations organizations, and delivery methods and make creative contributions. Be able to accurately understand business and commercial pain points of carriers. Affect the resource investment direction and tactics of the company.
  • Business consulting for specific solutions: Deeply understanding of the industry trend. Be able to put forward suggestions about mid-term or long-term network development strategy for the carrier supporting their network and business growth with precise expansion planning and investment, provide solutions to reduce Capex & Opex cost for customers and win recognition of customers’ top management, explore strategic-level project opportunities.
Professional Knowledge
  • Mobile Broadband latest technologies and solutions (5G, LTE), Video based solutions, 2B background is a plus
  • Business strategy planning, Go to Market Strategy design, Market Insight, Marketing plan
  • Financial analysis, Business case design, ROI, TCO, TVO
  • Understanding of customers financial KPI and main business operation process
Professional skills
  • Powerful presentation in big events
  • Familiar with Data Analytics tools
  • Fast and logical writing (PPT format)
  • Cross-Functional team management
  • Cross-Functional project management and operation capability
  • Strong customer relationship management
  • MBA is a plus
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