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If you enjoy meeting people and you have a way with people, then this is for you.

Earth Wonders Group is an established Agriculture Development entity with over 10 years of operations in Peninsular Malaysia. We are now expanding our wings into Sabah and looking for the right team mate to join us.

Our focus will primarily be to restructure the Agriculture landscape in Sabah to ensure an achievable target for Sabah’s food security via strategic collaborations with Private and Government Agencies and Entities.

Our Sabah team mate must:

1) Be familiar with Sabah
2) Be a people person - great etiquette and communication skills
3) Enjoy travelling
4) Good with paperwork - proposal writing, presentations etc.
5) Familiarity with local dialects will be an added advantage
6) An education background in business development/ marketing or a field related. Knowledge in Agriculture is not compulsory as you can learn along the way.
7) Most importantly, you should be wanting to do this because you like it and not because you have to.

Connect with me and we can discuss the details. If no one has told you today, YOU ARE AWESOME . Cheers!
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