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Data Scientist

• Experience with Python (preferable) or
• Actual experience deploying models in production environment (preferably within AWS)
• If possible, experience developing the following type of models or applying the following
o Decision trees (e.g. CART/CHAID) for purpose of segmentation (e.g. price segmentation)
o Logistics Regression e.g. for purpose of win probability models
o Customer Churn Modelling
o Predictive Price Forecasting (ARIMA-X, Neural Network, Text Mining)
o Linear Programming (Optimisation) for profit optimisation or cost minimisation
o Clustering Analysis (e.g. Hierarchical / K-Mean) for purpose of customer segmentation
o Product Recommendation Models
• Experience deploying models with large amount of data and fine tune the system
• Preferably, experience in deploying models in AWS
• Minimum 5 years experience in data science area


Smart Tradzt Sdn Bhd is a pioneering company that provides an End to End, Intelligent Collaborative ECommerce Platform (i.e., Enterprise B2B Ecommerce with advanced decision support and collaboration capabilities)

Beyond the conventional Standalone B2B E-commerce, our innovative platform provides
• End to End Transaction capability (ERP like features)
• Dynamic and Frictionless Customer Experience
• Ecosystem Collaboration Enablement (with blockchain)
• Commercial and Operations Decision Support Optimisation (AI-based Pricing & Supply Chain Optimisation, Differentiated customer treatment)
• Supply Chain Visibility, Product Traceability / Provenance / Integrity Assurance (with BlockChain & IOT) .

We focused in B2B industries, including Commodity Product Producers, where we have covered products such as petrochemical, oleochemical, rubber, agriculture/horticulture, fertilizer.
Besides that, other B2B industries coverage includes Industrial and Consumer Products Manufacturing, Distributors / Traders, Healthcare, Plant Equipment, and Construction.
We cater for the requirements of organizations of varying sizes and maturities, through different Offering Plans. For SMEs, we provide foundation eCommerce capability with basic ecosystem collaboration to jumpstart the digital commerce journey. Larger enterprises would benefit from our more advanced platform capabilities.

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