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• Candidate must possess at least Primary/Secondary School/SPM/O Level in any field.
• At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
• Ex-armed forces / ex-police are encouraged to apply.
• Possess valid driving, passport and identity card with clean record with PDRM.
• Specialization in residential security, surveillance and defensive techniques.
• Good driving skills, good sense of direction and familiar with KL, JB and Singapore roads.
• Must be good in punctual in attendance and strictly maintain timing schedule.
• Disciplinary and patience.
• Willing to drive long distance (from JB to KL – Outstation), might be required to overnight at outstation (outstation for duration might up to 2 weeks per trip).
• Must be willing and able to work on off working hours, weekends and on public holidays as and when required.
• Good work ethics.
• 6 days work per week, Working location: Johor-KL.
• Strong communication and understanding skills.

• Responsible to monitor environment and escort the Company Directors all the time in their day to day activities and keep them out of a potentially dangerous area.
• Responsible to do risk assessment for all reaching designation and travel planning, background of the people that will have contact with their clients, plan out travel routes, pre-search rooms/buildings/vehicles, look for any potential danger, and carry out security checks.
• To manage and plan daily schedule and own meals wisely.
• To ensure punctuality and safe transport to both internal and external Company Directors and guest.
• To report immediately for his superior or office when there is any malfunction or warning lights from the vehicles.
• To maintaining regular checks on the vehicles to ensure that vehicles are in good condition and safe and keep record of road tax.
• To follow all safety measures while driving like speed limit, traffic rules, and road signs.
• To ensure vehicles are clean both inside & outside, tidy and in good working condition at all times.
• Responsible to refill petrol / Touch N Go / mineral water when necessary.
• To assist in dispatch work whenever required.
• To be pro active in assisting CEO and escorting the CEO whenever wherever required.
• To perform ad-hoc assignments from time to time.

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Address: Johor Bahru, Johor

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