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Sunrich Integrated Sdn Bhd

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Update day: 06-05-2023

Location: Seremban Negeri Sembilan

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Job Description:-

 Sourcing of direct & indirect material based on production requirement, such raw materials like carbon black, natural rubber, chemicals, synthetic rubber etc., indirect material like parts for machinery/equipment, packing, printing and those consumable items
 Supplier evaluation, price negotiation & comparison and supplier relationship management, monitoring of direct & indirect material closely to make the best buy
 Issuing of PR/PO and seek for approval according to approval matrix, following up delivery -status and payment application
 Taking care of repairs and Service & maintenance on machinery / equipment, vehicle / Air conditioner
 Etc. Shipment and forwarding: incoming and outgoing shipment arrangement for all materials and finished product
 Handle other given assignment as and when required


Sun Rubber Industry Sdn Bhd (“Sun Rubber”)

Sun Rubber’s commitment is to provide excellent standard of services, highest quality products and competitive pricing to customers. This has resulted in consistent financial performance over the years.
The products that Sun Rubber Industry Sdn. Bhd. produces are procured tread liner, cushion gum, repair-rode, orbitread, camelback for use in tyre retreading industries. Other than the rubber compound used in tyre retreading industries, Sun Rubber Industry Sdn. Bhd. also produces specialty or technical rubber compound for the automotive, mining industries & others.
Its Products sell worldwide to more than 30 countries: from Asia Pacific, Europe to the Middle East countries.
Set on a path of sustainable growth and expansion of business, Sun Rubber also offers custom made compound based on customer’s specification. This is the direct result of substantial investment in improving our plants and machineries to meet the future demand of our customers.
Its brand name SUNTEX is a worldwide renowned brand and well received by the customers.

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Deadline: 20-06-2023

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