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1. Carry out daily inspection to ensure good brooding management is practiced according to SOPs which are critical to the growth of birds, reducing disease transmission and mortality in order to generate profitability.

2. To operate and maintain broiler farms according to MyGAP standard, work closely with Maintenance team in order to maintain farm equipment in good operating condition and plan for preventive maintenance (PM).

3. Accountable for preparing, monitoring and maintaining high levels of animal welfare and hygienic surroundings in the farm.

4. Monitor and conduct regular checks of feed balance in the farm versus feed planning, and effectively communicate with superior if there is a sudden increase or decrease in feed requirement.

5. Monitor and ensure farm biosecurity program is in order as per SOPs standard.

6. Perform an analysis on overall farm performance and updated superior within timeline given.


Dindings Poultry Development Centre Sdn Bhd (DPDC) was incorporated on 21st March 1989 and commenced operations in April 1992. The principal activities of the company are production of Day-Old Chicks, growing and selling of broilers and contract farming.

DPDC breeder farm operations are located in Perak and Kedah. Our new breeder houses are equipped with the latest automated technology to ensure the production of quality eggs that will be incubated and hatched in our hatchery. The Day-Old Chicks will then be sent to our broiler farms till they reach maturity.

DPDC broiler farms are located in the northern and southern regions of Malaysia. All of our broilers are raised in large closed houses and are designed with proper ventilation and temperature control, providing a healthy and comfortable environment for the broilers to grow.

All DPDC farms are awarded and certified with the Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices (MyGAP) by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia and implement a strict Biosecurity Program according to MyGAP guidelines to prevent diseases in the farm.

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