Head of Security

Composite Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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Update day: 08-05-2023

Location: Jasin Melaka

Category: Other


Salary: 3000 - 4200 MYR / month

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  • Organize and oversee all security operations for the company.
  • Preserve an environment where employee, visitor and property are safe and protected.
  • Lead and advice Head of Administration on security matters.
  • Plan for daily security activities eg duty roster, OT management and staff replacement.
  • Ensure policy and procedure SOP-PERATURAN AM KESELAMATAN (CAP09-004) is up to date as per legislation and company’s requirements.
  • Establish security personnel dress code policy and suggest any improvement if required.
  • Review and analyze security report and propose action plan for further improvement.
  • Plan and suggest development needs for security team to improve knowledge, skills and capabilities


  • Communicate with Emergency response team during emergency incident.
  • Plan and coordinate security for specific event eg, vvip , customer visit.
  • Report and recommend action to Head of Administration any abnormalities and risk related to company’s security & safety.
  • Plan security operational activities to support company’s plant shutdown.


  • Plan manpower allocation according to security duty roster.
  • Ensure daily roll call conducted between shift (i.e. attendance, information update etc.).
  • Monitor CCTVs and to ensure all are functioning.
  • Plan daily patrolling schedule and route.
  • Ensure the compliance of visitor and vendor SOP.
  • Ensure compliance of security daily checklist.
  • Responsible to ensure all incoming and outgoing goods are recorded and tally with related document.
  • To ensure company compound including security parameter fencing in good order.
  • Perform security inspection on security personnel and post.


  • Submission of Weekly Security report to Head of Administration.
  • Update freezer daily off day report and to ensure it is as per specification.
  • Conducted weekly meeting with security team leader.


  • Prepare duty roster for all security staff.
  • Compile and verify OT claim.


  • Prepare Annual Management Planning for Security section (AMP).
  • Prepare annual PMS for Security section (PMS).
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Deadline: 22-06-2023

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