IT Officer / Executive (Hardware / Software)


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Update day: 25-05-2023

Location: Batu Pahat Johor

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1. Manages and coordinates all IT related matters not limit to operating systems, security tools, servers, email systems, data, wireless communications, mobile technology, cyber security, computer hardware and software

2. Provide technical support including setting up accounts for new users, implementation of applications and software upgrading, troubleshooting and train internal community and enhancing overall technical capability and minimizing user issues technical support tasks.

3. Plan, organize, control, and evaluate IT and electronic data operations

4. Design, develop, implement, and coordinate systems, policies, and procedures

5. Ensure security of data, network access and backup systems are well managed

6. Evaluating technology risk to develop a network disaster recovery plan and backup procedure

7. Act in alignment with user needs and system functionality to contribute to company policy

8. Ensure all the data, network access and systems are secure and protected

9. Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions in time

10. Audit systems and assess their outcomes regularly

11. Preserve assets, information security and control structures

12. Ensure cost effectiveness for both computer hardware and software

13. Overseeing the enhancements, configurations, experimentations, and investigations of the hardware computer parts

14. Making sure that all the hardware elements have been set up and connected properly in the company

15. Ensuring that the hardware systems connected in the company able to meet company requirements

16. Perform general administration task support

17. Monitor and maintain office supplies inventory

18. Perform duties in complying with Company’s mandated guidelines, Company’s Food Safety System, Company’s Policy and Procedure, and Rule and Regulations governed by the law of Malaysia.

19. To perform task and work requirement as and when required and assigned.

20. To undertake any other ad hoc duties/task/projects assigned by the Immediate Superior, Manager and above when required.


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Deadline: 24-06-2023

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