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Update day: 23-05-2023

Location: Gelugor Penang

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We are looking for senior team member who passionate in technology to join SalesHero team. We are more than 10 years Mobile Software Solution and currently we are growing our team to expend our market.
You will be responsible in designing and developing integration based on the given requirements and specifications.
You will play an important role, such as:
• Play a key role to conduct the whole process of designing, building, testing, and deploying the innovative SalesHero apps
• Make sure the system is stable (bug fixing)
• Keep updating latest technology and techniques
• Maintain code quality, robustness and end user experience
• Make the system faster, improving application performance!


Company Overview

SalesHero (Chirs Business Solution Sdn Bhd) is a global leader in salesforce development, we are the sales force development brand preferred and used by Top Performing Firm and Salesperson all around the world

Our sole objective at the moment is to go public through an IPO in 2025. We have already planned our financial roadmap for the listing, and our CEO has started recruiting angel investors to raise the first RM3,000,000 in funding. Going public is just the beginning for us, as our vision is to turn salespeople into sales heroes and change lives through sales

In SalesHero, we have implemented mechanisms to ensure fairness, impartiality, and transparency in all of our operations. Additionally, we have established a clear professional development roadmap for our employees. Our contributors are fully accountable for their actions as we publicly acknowledge and reward their contributions on a monthly basis. This ensures that there is no opportunity for anonymity among our workforce.

To be honest, there were individuals in our company who engaged in politics, but they were let go a year ago. We highly value character and attitude, even if the person is highly competent. Our goal is to create a happy work environment, as one of our core values is happiness at work. Those who don’t align with our core values are not a good fit, and we need to protect our positive environment and our internal team culture that we have built over the years.

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Deadline: 22-06-2023

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