Salary: 4000 - 7000 MYR / month

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a) Selects and assigns staff, ensuring equal employment opportunity in hiring and promotion.

b) Supervises and participates in such activities as the classification of positions, preparation of job description, job analyses and preparation evaluation of applicants, research, test validation and manpower forecasting.

c) Responsible for screening all resumes submitted for open job positions to find the most qualified candidates.

d) Screens all resumes submitted to the open job order seeking only the most qualified applicant.

e) Responsible for drafting job descriptions, outlining in detail all skills and

qualities required and desired in a successful job applicant.

f) Conducts drug and background screenings and reference checks for all

prospective hires accurately document these activities.

g) Responsible for the development of a firm’s recruitment and talent acquisition strategy while managing the recruitment team that will carry out the strategy.


a) Evaluate and verify employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques.

b} Maintains records, prepares reports and composes correspondence relative to the work. Completes necessary performance assessments of subordinate staff.

c) Directs staff in the processing of personnel transactions, timekeeping, payrolls and personnel record keeping, insurance, longevity and retirement and disability management.

d) Directs staff in overall personnel administration, including appointments, promotions, transfers, demotions, suspensions, layoffs and dismissals.

e) Assists the Assistant Manager Human Resources in administering performance reviews for every company employee, meeting with both the employee and the employee‘s manager and thoroughly documenting the entire process.

f) Creates and manages a group of employees responsible for the creation and implementation of a firm’s compensation structure and policies.


a) Identifies staff development and training needs and ensures that training is obtained.

b} Directs the development or selection of training materials such as training handbooks, demonstration models, multimedia visual aids, reference works, etc.

c) Determines whether training programs meet acceptable standards as set by law, federal guidelines, etc.

d) Develops assessment techniques and evaluates staff development and training programs, methods, and materials; makes or recommends improvements.

e) Supervises and conducts special studies and analyses of personnel programs and policies, develops information systems to aid in department management decisions. Tests trainees to measure their learning progress and to evaluate the effectiveness of training presentations.

f) Develops programs for or instructs department supervisory personnel or others on the techniques of training.

g) Conducts training sessions, workshops, conferences, seminars and the types of training and instructional materials and their uses the methods of conducting training sessions. Coordinates activities by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities and directing the work of subordinate employees.


a) Serves as the initial point of contact for company employees’ issues and inquiries including but not limited to payroll and company policies.

b) Directs staff in counselling management and employees on grievances and other complaints originating from individual work situations or work environments. Serves as the point person for employees’ issues and inquiries including but not limited to benefits and company policies.

c) Manages a team that serves as the initial point of contact for employees’ issues and inquiries including but not limited to benefits and company policies.

d) Develops and oversees a team of employees responsible for the benefits, policies and rewards of an organization.


a) Ensures proper labour relations and conditions of employment are maintained.

b) Applies the laws, regulations and principles of equal employment opportunity to personnel situations.


a) Establishes procedures and recommends changes in policy.

b) Performs related work as assigned.

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