Job type: Part Time, Full Time

Salary: 3500 MYR / month

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1. Introduce the ONLY FIXED RATE Mortgage Loan package to the market
(including new housing loan, refinance and loan consolidation)
2. Provide servicing to Developer and Property Agency company
3. Help clients analyze their loan documents and Debt Service Ratio(DSR)
4. Process loan application (submit & follow up)
5. Loan approved and all lawyer documents signing process

1. 25 years old and above
2. Candidate must possess at least a Diploma and above
3. Required language(s): English
4. At least 1 years of working experience in ANY industry
5. Required skill(s): Self Independence, Communication, Presentation Skill
6. Have own transport

Monthly Allowances + Commission
1st year = RM3500++
2nd year can up to RM6000++
3rd year can start to build your own team for more income

Additional Benefit
1. Focused Training (Up to 18 months training provided)
2. Special Incentive
3. Long Term Career Development
4. Media Profiling
5. Time flexibility

There is only 2 type of interest in the market for Mortgage which is Floating Rate and Fixed Rate, from Jan 2015, Floating Rate 'BLR' no longer control by BNM, a new Floating Rate BR instead of BLR, without control by Gov, a client who choose Floating Rate will have to pay Legal Fee and Stamp Duty, however, BNM strongly encourage citizen to choose Fixed Rate to avoid any financial uncertainty or lost, a client who chooses Fixed Rate will enjoy Zero Moving Cost which means free Legal Fee and Stamp Duty included Valuation Fee waived.

We provide the ONLY Fixed Rate for Mortgage

We provide Developers Base

We provide Customer List

Best career opportunity
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Contact Information

Address: Johor Bahru, Johor

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