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Update day: 30-05-2023

Location: Perai Penang Bukit Mertajam

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To monitor the management financials such as progress claim, retention fund, supplier claims, subcontractor claims and payment collection with agreement.
• Overall in charge of the whole branch, in terms of manpower requirement, material sourcing, monitoring the project schedule and work orders distribution.
• To ensure right contract method is applied, based on the project nature and locations.
• Capable of handling contract administration, construction claims, legal and contractual issues.
• Capable of handling and resolve raise issues without any negative impact.
• To attend all project site meeting with clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers, authorities and other relevant parties to ensure smooth progress in the project execution.
• To visit project sites to ensure project is in progress as per the schedule.


Source for your needs’ represents ARULA’s obligation to contribute towards development
of more dynamic future for construction and oil &
gas industries. ARULA GROUP is positive about its future projections with a
string financial base proficient management and accomplished
Engaged in multiple Oil & Gas and Power Plant projects in Malaysia over
the past 12 years, the Company has since built a market repute for being
a trusted company able to embark on and complete projects without any
impediment. We endeavour to deliver the highest standards of
performance in all our projects.
At ARULA we make every effort at all times to serve our clients by ensuring
effective engineering and management processes are met to deliver
added-value on all our projects at competitive prices.
Comprising people from diverse credentials, we are committed to a
philosophy of teaming, co-operation and mutual respect. Most
importantly, we support the highest standards of expertise and
consistency that extricates our people as some of the best players across
the industry.
Our Team, with extensive years of accumulative technical and practical
experience, is especially attuned to the need for a fine balance between
the achievement of high quality results and the management of costs.
Our ability to plan costs from first principles, together with our wide access
to the market allows us to procure project resources at source and at
efficient prices.

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Deadline: 14-07-2023

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