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VAMP TECH was born in November 1988 from the idea of ​​creating a strong formulation know-how on flame retardancy, developed on different polymer families.

Over the years the company has increasingly specialized in technical products, in order to satisfy the market demands for high-tech compounds by expanding its range of products to many polymeric bases: PS, ABS, PP, POM, PBT, PA6 , PA66, PC, PC / ABS, PPS, PPA, PSU, PEEK and alloys and obtaining more than 100 UL certifications.


VAMPTECH Malaysia was established in 2016 as a sales subsidiary of VampTech Group. The company’s second compounding plant in Bukit Minyak Penang (apart from HQ in Busnago Italy) started operation in Q4 2019, with mission to fulfil the increasing demand by Far East and South-East Asian customers.

The company was inspired by the concept of developing a strong expertise on flame retardant formulations, developed on various polymer bases.

The company product range has progressively expanded year after year to meet the demand of high requirements with various polymeric bases: PA6, PA66, PP, PBT, POM, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PPS, PPA, PSU, PEEK and alloys. In the meantime more than 100 leagues and UL certifications were achieved.

Today the VAMP TECH product range includes, in addition to flame retarded compounds, which are the core business of the company, the following high performance product families:
Metal Replacement (PA66, PPA)
High Temperature (PPS, PPA and PEEK)
Semi-conductive and antistatic + UL94-V0 (with carbon fibers, carbon nanotubes and polar polymers in flame retarded materials)
Self-Lubricated + UL94-V0 (with silicone, PTFE, molybdenum disulfide and aramid fiber in flame retarded materials)

The applications of VAMPTECH compounds are typically injection moulding and extrusion addressed to wide industrial sectors: household appliances, electrical and electronics, automotive, furniture, public transportation & building.

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