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Yahgiran Engineering

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Update day: 12-05-2023

Location: Johor

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Construction general contractors take on the responsibility to deliver a construction project. They participate on bid processes for construction projects and hire subcontractors to deliver the different stages of the construction process from beginning to completion. They make sure subcontractors hold up their part of the agreement and work in the construction site to make sure the project is delivered in time and according to agreed standards.


YAHGIRAN ENGINEERING is an EPCC contractor located in Pasir Gudang, Johor was established since 2010 and involved in engineering and construction project for oil & gas, palm oil, and commercial factories. Earliest it is known as Yahgiran Global.

We stand with groups of skills & experience workers that delivery satisfied quality with our supervisor team to make the outcome within specification.

Quality of workmanship is our priority with safety practiced, so our Engineer/Supervisor will be on site together with the workers to monitor the job closely.

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Deadline: 11-06-2023

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