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Recruitment/Personnel/Human Resource Responsibilities:

1. To advertise in paper or any form of advertisement for new recruitments for the Company.
2. To draft employment letters, job descriptions for new employees;
3. To shortlist potential candidates from the KIV file and/or new incoming resumes;
4. Arrange interviews with all short listed candidates;
5. Maintain a “candidates pool” of all potential selection of candidates for future reference and recruitment purpose;
6. To maintain and update the Employees’ Registration from time to time.
7. To liaise with KDN/Imigresen/Agent;
8. As a “Trainer” pertaining to ISO requirement;

Industrial Relations & Labor Low
1. To understand compliance to Industrial Relations Act 1967 and Labour Law;
2. To read and understood the handbook with rules and regulations as a guidelines for both employees and company;
3. To ensure proper procedures are adhered accordingly for the benefit of both employees and company.


1. To do SQL monthly payroll and to maintain the up to date records of personal data such as attendance, leaves, salary, EPF & SOCSO Contribution, Income Tax etc for easy reference;
2. To keep track on attendance of staff and workers and to perform the public relation job if the situation demands;
3. To check payroll and make sure payroll is done in an appropriate and accurate way and in full compliance according to the Employment Act 1955, Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 and Employees Social Security Act 1969;
4. To assist in salary calculation for clerical staff, operators and workers;
5. To ensure an accurate record of the timesheet/punch card, annual leave, medical leave, unpaid leave, absenteeism records, and to update leave record together with leave application forms;

Other mining and quarrying
50-250 employees
Syarikat Kumpulan menjalankan aktiviti kuari dan premix.
Pembinaan jalan raya dan jualan pelbagai jenis batu.


Syarikat Kumpulan menjalankan aktiviti kuari dan premix.
Pembinaan jalan raya dan jualan pelbagai jenis batu.

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