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Update day: 11-02-2024

Location: Bintulu Sarawak

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Coordinating raw materials incoming schedule , production and finished products workflow with relevant department.


PMB Silicon Sdn Bhd is a green field Silicon Metal Smelting Plant. PMB Silicon’s production capacity of 72,000 metric tonnes of Silicon Metal is divided into two phases of construction. The first phase of silicon metal construction started in December 2017, targeted to reach full capacity by Q2 of FY2019; the second phase of silicon metal construction has commenced with the targets to be fully operational in Q2 of FY2020.

PMB Silicon prioritize industrial best practice to ensure that it is fully compliant to the stringent standards set by the Department of Environment. Furthermore, PMB Silicon is located in Samalaju Industrial Park in Sarawak, a gazetted zone for energy-intensive industries where hydroelectricity is used as its main source of power. With a long term Power Purchase Agreement with the government, PMB Silicon vision is to become a global cost leader in producing high grade Silicon Metal with reliability and integrity.

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Deadline: 27-03-2024

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