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Update day: 06-05-2023

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Planning Manager / Asst. Planning Manager is responsible to ensure the smooth flow of entire internal supply chain from customer order acceptance, raw materials planning, manufacturing planning & loading execution till final shipment. Core tasks of Planning Manager including Job or Task Scheduling, Material Resource Planning , Loading Production, Process Selection & Planning, Facility Location, Capacity Planning, Line Planning & Follow up and Execution.


1. Production planning & control.

2. Task scheduling :

a. Scheduling to determine shop floor schedule of various components.

b. Preparation of time & action calendar for each order from order acceptance through shipment.

c. Description of when and where of each operation in a production process is to be executed.

3. Material Resource Planning (Inventory) :

a. Materials Requirement Planning to determine all required components & timing.

b. Estimation of materials requirements.

c. Estimating the levels of inventories required in the organization.

d. Scheduling the orders placed with purchasing department to ensure availability of material.

e. Controlling by monitoring of production vs demand.

f. Minimizing holdups of working capital by performing effective inventory control.

4. Loading production :

Defines which style to be loaded to the production line & how much quantity to be loaded.

5. Facility location :

Identify which facility will be most suitable for new orders, example when factories are set for specific product or there may be a capacity shortage in a factory.

6. To establish routes and schedules for work that will ensure the optimum utilization of materials, workers and machines.

7. Capacity planning :

a. Plays a major role during order booking/acceptance, decide how much order they should accept according to resources (man-machine-materials) capacity.

b. Regularly updating factories current production capacity . Capacity is established after discussing with Industrial Engineers & Production team.

8. Line planning :

Preparing detailed line planning with daily production target for the production line.

9. Follow up & execution :

a. Keeps close look whether everything is progressing according to the plan.

b. Chasing relevant department on daily basis to keep plan on track.

c. Update order wise completed tasks on the time & action calendar. Expedite & create an alarm about the delay if found something is going to be late.

10. To liaison with purchase department for efficient & effective procurement.

11. To liaison with CS/Marketing department to determine the nature & magnitude of output.

12. To liaison with production to determine production capacity and shortcoming.

13. To liaison with PE on process capability and product quality issues.

14. To liaison with Technology on new product release & requirement.

15. Forecasting to predict customer demand on various products over a given horizon. Aggregate planning to determine overall resources needed.

16. Recommends new inventories/factory planniong policies or procedures as necessary.

17. Administers personnel functions including coaching, recruiting & appraisal review.


1. Accesing and analyzing customer sales orders to predict customer demand for resources planning.

2. Maintain master production schedule and ensure the efficient loading of manufacturing facilities.

3. Monitoring production activities against plan and adjust schedule as appropriate, in conjuction with production teams.

4. Adhere to the required delivery dates (OTD).

5. Identify and report causes of delays and determine appropriate corrective & preventive actions.

6. Direct and manage all materials planning function in relation to analyzing the master production schedule and delivery configuration.

7. Liaising with procurement to ensure timely delivery of materials, to confirms material supply is available to meet demand.

8. Establishes inventory gaols (safety stock).

9. To monitor and analyze inventory levels against inventory goals.

10. Analyzes inventory usage, scrap & waste and identifies potential problems and causes that wouold impact the ability to achieve inventory level objectives.

11. Advises management of the status of WIP, materials availability and potential production problems to ensure that resources, equipment, materials and services are provided as needed.

12. Liaising with internal contacts such as CS, Marketing, PE, Technology, Production & Maintenance to ensure effective information flow is maintained across the supply chain.


1. Degree in any discipline. Mathematic or Statistic will be an added advantage.

2. Minimum of 5 years working experience in materials & production planning.

3. Applicant must be willing to work in Lunas

4. Proficiency in PC application especially Microsoft Excel & Power Point.

5. Knowledge of ERPLN system is a plus.

6. Knowledge of statistical analysis and tools.

7. Predicting and forecasting. Making realistic assumptions with incomplete & conflicting information.

8. Displaying enthusiasm, flexibility & self-motivation.

9. Ability in diagnosing problems and identifying relevant causal factors.

10. Creative and innovative strategies and solutions.

11. Preparing for possible contingencies.

12. Resolving goal conflicts and prioritizing goals.

13. High level of Integrity.

14. Attention to detail.

15.Good analytical thinking skills.

16. Good verbal and written Communication skills.

17. Good knowledge in the implementation of policies & procedures.

18. Good planning, organizing, and integration skills.

19. Good team Work skills.

“The above scope of work, duties and responsibilities reflects the items considered necessary to describe the principal functions of the job identified and shall not be construed as a detailed description of all the work requirements that maybe inherent in the job.”

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Deadline: 20-06-2023

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