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钣金工程师 Sheet metal product engineer
技术中心Technology Center
The sheet metal engineer of the Engineering Department is mainly responsible for the establishment and improvement of the process technology and files of the company's newly imported products, and conducts cost analysis for customers' new products.
Responsibilities include: setting the technological process from sample to first mass production during the introduction of the new product in charge, actively participating in the implementation of the new product, and providing technical support for production. Externally, communicate with customer counterpart departments or personnel about new product related matters.
Key Responsibilities
• Responsible for setting process technology from initial product development stage to mass production.
o Responsible for creating the product's bill of materials (BOM), dosage, ensuring proper material specifications are used.
o Responsible for the creation of drawings, ensuring that drawings are accurate, and key characteristics are defined.
o Responsible for the establishment of procedures to improve the utilization rate of materials.
o Responsible for the establishment of work instructions for key processes to guide production.
o Responsible for approving and issuing technical documentation for all new product requirements.
• Responsible for necessary tooling, tooling is prepared or applied. Responsible for the tracking and resolution of technical issues or exceptions at the NPI stage. New Project Cost Analysis
• According to the company's quotation process, conduct basic cost analysis on new products proposed by the business, including material cost, process cost, etc.
安全 Safety
• Process design fully considers safety factors.
• Participate in and assist the 5S team and do a good job in safety inspection.
• System
• Understand ISO45001 safety management system standards and requirements
• Understand ISO9001 quality management system standards and requirements
• Understand ISO14001 environmental management system standards and requirements
Principle Accountabilities
•The process technology established in the NPI process is suitable for mass production.
• Conduct cost analysis for newly introduced business.
Assist the manufacturing department to solve production problems and provide technical support.
机械设计及制造相关专业 major in mechanical design or relevant.
5年以上钣金行业类似工作经验 above 5 years’ experience in sheet metal factory,
熟悉机械制图工具 familiar to mechanical design, CAD software.
有钣金产品和相关流程方面知识 has the knowledge of sheet metal product and know the procedure of NPI.
熟悉产品技術特性;Familiar to product technical characteristics;
较高的问题判断能力、分析问题和解决问题的能力; higher ability to judge Problems, analyze and solve ;
熟悉APQP、FMEA、SPC、PPAP等工具; familiar to APQP, FMEA, SPC, PPAP, etc;
good communication and coordination ability;
Strong ability to process improvement.
Responsible to do APQP,FMEA for automobile products;
familiar to ISO9000, TS16949 system
English can communicate freely
Familiar to WS software, ERP CAD, system and procedure
Ability to lead a team to address technical issues.
能够编制相关技术文档,准备并提交相关报告。Ability to make technical document, and relevant report.
普通话,理解英语图纸. Mandarin, understanding English drawing 团队协作精神 team work spirit.
业务部,生产部,品质部,计划部,仓库,喷涂部。 Sales, production, quality, PMC, warehouse, painting.
客户对应部门 customer
Prefer Chinese Candidates
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Deadline: 30-03-2024

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