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Update day: 20-02-2024

Location: Kedah

Category: Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Industry: Wood Fibre Paper

Position: Junior Executive

Job type: Full-Time

Salary: 2000 - 3500 MYR / month

Experience: 2 years

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Job content

  • Above high school
  • Have experience in paper quality inspection related work
  • 3-5 years experience in related field
  • Have a strong hands-on operation ability, have a strong professionalism; work earnestly and meticulously, fair and unselfish

Job Description:

  • Familiar with the safety sampling methods, quality inspection standards and grade evaluation criteria for this post, including physical indicators and appearance paper disease criteria
  • Be proficient in using the testing equipment of this post in accordance with the operating procedures of the testing equipment
  • Check the quality index of each piece of paper after the completion of rewinding and slitting according to the grade evaluation criterion, make a positive determination according to the criterion, and issue a label for each piece of paper into the system according to regulations, including quantitative, grade, piece weight, etc., And make original records
  • Responsible for the correct identification of products, to ensure that every information on the certificate is accurate and correct, and to ensure that each product has a certificate or related logo
  • In case of abnormal product quality in the production process, promptly notify adjustments and information feedback, supervise and follow up until the standard is normally met, and correctly handle the abnormal products
  • Check the quality of the outer packaging of the finished product, notify the post worker or team leader if it does not meet the requirements, and post the certificate until the requirements are met
  • Assist operators to classify and stack products by level, and to isolate and identify unqualified products
  • Each shift counts the output, quality, and reasons for unqualified products of each grade on the shift to form a report
  • All judgment results and records must be filled in truthfully and correctly
  • According to the quality assessment standards, we will do a good job in quality assessment carefully and strictly, assist the production department to stabilize product quality, and improve staff quality awareness
  • Actively participate in training and learning, continuously improve professional skills, strictly and correctly check, and timely feedback and report when there are abnormal batches or questions about the determined paper
  • Do a good job in cleaning and sanitation, do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the testing instruments, be responsible for keeping all the testing records, and do a good job of retaining samples of unqualified products
  • Comply with company and R&D department rules and regulations, instrument use management system, laboratory management system, laboratory safety management system, safety production system and assessment rules
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Deadline: 05-04-2024

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