Number of recruitment: 3

Salary: 3000 MYR / month

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Job description
资格要求 :
✅ 全职员工
✅ 通晓中/巫/英文
✅ 具备基本的交流能力及服务意识
✅ 能够胜适应快节奏工作, 积极勤奋,踏实肯干,有责任心

✅ Full-timer
✅ Able to read/ speak/ understand Mandarin, Malay and English
✅ Have basic communication skill and customer service consciousness
✅ Able to handle adapt to fast-paced job, hardworking, able to work independently and responsible

✅ 负责店内商品销售、收银、商品来货验收、上架陈列、补货、店铺的卫生清洁等日常营业工作
✅ 掌握门店标准服务和销售流程,建立于顾客满意之理念、服务力NO.1之价值观
✅ 完成各项工作指标和上级领导交代事项

✅ Responsible for daily business operations such as in-store sales, cashier, products receiving and arrangement, shelf display, replenishment, store sanitation, etc.
✅ Mastering the standard service process of the store, establish the concept of customer satisfaction and the value of No.1 service force
✅ Complete various KPI and task assigned by superiors
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Contact Information

Contact: Jordan

Phone number: 016322****

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