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Job Responsibility
1. Implement all policies, activities, procedures, instructions as relevant and required by the QESH Management System.
2. Assist in the implementation of Occupational Health & Safety requirements at site.
3. Identify and report any incidents of non-conformance to either specification / QESH Management system.
4. Control and further work until the deficiency / problem has been satisfactory resolved.
5. Report on the construction progress and factors adversely affecting the project to the Project Engineer / Site Engineer.
6. Arrange, control and monitor manpower, plant, equipment and material usage for the timely completion of the work.
7. Perform periodical inspection at site to ensure the safety and health statutory requirements at project site.
8. Assist in evacuation and emergency drills and conduct investigations of accidents at site.
9. Supervise, monitor and control direct labours and subcontractors work and ensure completion of respective facilities in his discipline within planned schedule.
10. Ensure the workers and subcontractors adhere with good housekeeping and implement quality, environmental, safety and health practices.
11. Undertake inspection of works at various stages as per inspection and test plan to ensure conformance to specification and construction drawings.
12. Undertake any and all other duties and responsibilities as so instructed by the superior.

1. Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health approved by DOSH or its equivalent with Yellow Book holder.
2. Minimum 3-5 years years relevant experience in construction industry.

Job Requirements

Job Benifits

  • EPF


  • Annual Leave

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