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Update day: 23-09-2022

Location: Bintulu Sarawak

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Vessel engine inspectors inspect ship and boat engines such as electric motors, nuclear reactors, gas turbine engines, outboard motors, two-stroke or four-stroke diesel engines, LNG, fuel dual engines and, in some cases, marine steam engines in assembly facilities to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. They conduct routine, post-overhaul, pre-availability and post-casualty inspections. They provide documentation for repair activities and technical support to maintenance and repair centres. They review administrative records, analyse the operating performance of engines and report their findings.


Sapura Baker Hughes TPS Sdn Bhd is a joint venture company between Sapura Energy Berhad and Baker Hughes. We provide a wide range of after-sale services in maintenance and refurbishments of Turbomachinery equipment for gas turbine. We have local capabilities and fully supported by our OEM experts around the world.

To deliver effectively Services Solutions in the next era for all customers in and outside of Malaysia.

To become a premier services company in the Industrial realm with effective Technology, Skill and Digital solutions

Realizing the Mission and Vision through:
No compromise on EHS, Integrity and Quality
Localization… Retain, develop and inspire
Culture…Empowerment/Transparency and Teamwork Customer
Focused… Speed, intensity and Value Creation Operational
Excellence… Sustainability and Simplicity

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