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To fullfill all the requirement that set up by the company in road maintenance work and project within the standard of quality specification.


Duties and responsibilities of the operator including but not limited to the following:
Perform all preparation including machine/vehicle inspection and engine warm up before start any work
Enforcement of safety & health requirement before, during and after work or during standby at yard.
Commence cleaning duty on machine/vehicle and light machinery after usage/operation
Manage well all the company’s properties and inventory that provide by the company to the team.
Fullfill the logbook.
Report any breakdown to PLM by raise breakdown report.
Contact the Duty Officer and lodged a police report in the event of an accident or properties loss.
Perform the operation according to specification techniques Machinery operations
Assist mechanic for repair work in the event of breakdown happen at site or service of machine at site
Perform minor repairs at the project site under the supervision of, or with the communication between the mechanics or the Chief Mechanic
Operate machine or any light machinery according to Manual Operating Procedure
Ensure attendance at site and yard should be punctual and according to working hour
Comply with any SOP that related to operator task.


Bina Masyhur has grown since 1990 by leaps and bounds to become a leading provider of specialist services related to road construction maintenance. A major part of our business is focused on serving the needs of state governments and local councils - facilitating the construction of highways to connect people and places, creating meaningful journeys along the way.

As a dynamic and progressive organisation, we continue to invest in the most sophisticated and technologically advanced machinery. While we are committed to delivering the highest standards of professional service, we are equally determined to complete all projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We are experts in new construction, pavement rehabilitation and pavement preservation. We also has vast experienced in carrying out road maintenance works using modern rehabilitation techniques, including Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) and Micro-Surfacing.

As we forge ahead to expand our operations, we remain committed to reinforcing our position as a leading Malaysian highway contractor with the aim of providing even greater value for our stakeholders and clients.

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