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Update day: 12-09-2022

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Business managers are responsible for setting the objectives of the business unit of a company, creating a plan for the operations, and facilitating the achievement of the objectives and implementation of the plan together with employees of the segment and stakeholders. They keep an overview of the business, understand detailed information of the business unit and support the department, and make decisions based on the information at hand.


We focus on developing our Life Planners.

In my agency, we work as a team with a strong spirit of teamwork to help each other achieve success. We practice a cluster mentoring system to groom new associates as they start out fresh in this career, which is in line with our team spirit culture.

We also promote a positive vibrant work culture, and uphold mutual assistance and coaching among each other, so that no one is left behind. We treat each others as peers and family. We work together, have fun together and strive together to achieve our goals.

We also pay strong attention to recording internal agency appreciation to recognize the delivery of substantial results and growth. All this paves the way for a fulfilling career development where our Life Planners can work their way up to managerial roles in as short as 3 years.

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