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Platform / Validation
Location: Malaysia


Update software and firmware on all systems in the lab
  • ?Install/uninstall any hardware in the systems in the lab
  • ?Start; stop; log; and report all execution activities in the lab
  • ?General inventory tracking for all hardware within the lab
  • ?Relocate systems when necessary
  • ?Generate Report
  • ?Basic level Issue Troubleshooting
  • ?Supplier’s lab technicians will be conducting system-based testing and data collection on desktop; mobile; server; and ultra-mobile processors and chipsets.
  • ?Supplier will provide skilled Lab computer technicians to perform hands-on testing using PC components; data acquisition hardware; automation software and automated test
  • ?Lab Technicians will be responsible for physically assembling and maintaining the test
systems and associated equipment including PCs; equipment racks; cabling; liquid cooling systems and any other specified items.
  • ?Lab Technicians will be responsible for performing the hands-on operations of the
dynamic test processes including physically loading the devices-under-test in and out of
the test equipment; starting the test program(s); supervising the DUT to completion;
performing initial review of testing results; and uploading results to the appropriate
databases and repositories. All testing will be performed according to a pre-defined test
plan created by engineers but technicians will need to exercise basic technical
judgment when supervising the test processes and evaluating the results.
  • ?Lab Technicians may be asked to support special experiments different than the normal
test process to be performed under the direction of personnel.
  • ?Lab Technicians will be responsible for performing 1st-level troubleshooting/debug on the test environment in the event of a failure of the DUT or environment.
  • ?Lab Technicians will perform troubleshooting and maintenance of PCs; including
installing engineer-specified operating system and applications; installing/removing
internal PC components and troubleshooting hardware and software errors.
  • ?Lab Technicians must:
  • be physically able to assemble and move a computer system;
  • understand the high-level interaction between various components (i.e. CPU; memory;
chipset; graphics; disk drives); and
  • debug issues with the hardware; BIOS; drivers; and operating system. Although these
requirements are not fully inclusive; they are intended to represent the majority of lab
technician services.
  • ?Lab technician’s tasks require hands-on familiarity with test/measurement equipment;
such as voltmeters; temperature probes; oscilloscopes and power supplies. Two or more
years of professional experience in building and troubleshooting personal computer
systems) is required. Experience using Windows 7 & 8; Linux; Android; UNIX and
similar operating systems and Microsoft Office Suite applications (at least Excel and
Word) is highly desired.

  • At least 1 year of experience as a technician on computer assembly; troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Able to install and configure BIOS; software; operating systems such as Windows and Linux; and third-party applications.
  • Able to make network configurations in LAN and WAN networks; in order to support remote server access; remote file repositories and remote control applications.
  • Basic programming language knowledge in Python is a plus
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Deadline: 05-10-2023

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